Discover what's possible!

Transforming an existing home or space can be challenging, but very rewarding. We start with a consultation at the home. At this time we listen to your goals and conduct an initial assessment of the structure to determine what's feasible. We will also explain our process and associated fees. The follow up to this meeting is a proposal for our process to assist you in reaching a design solution to transform your home. We're particularly fond of renovation projects - let us help you discover whats possible!

Our Process: Meet, Design, Review, Refine...

If you accept our proposal, a letter of agreement is signed and we do the following: 

  • We conduct a thorough assessment of the existing conditions. This is carefully documented in a detailed set of drawings we refer to as the "as-built" drawings. Limitations are identified along with opportunities for improvement.

  • Launching from this assessment and the as-built drawings, we are more accurately able to present you with options for the transformation. A series of drawings and images are generated illustrating how your project goals can merge with the existing structure for the best outcome possible.

  • The design evolves with your feedback / input as we work to reach an appealing solution.

  • Once approved, a detailed set of construction documents and 3d renderings summarize the design. These are the communication tools to visualize the outcome and design strategy. This information is also shared with construction professionals to generate a refined budget and conduct the work.

Keep in mind, you’ll have multiple opportunities to review the design to ensure it evolves to your satisfaction. We’ll offer guidance, options and creative exploration as we search for a unique appealing outcome.

What you receive:

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.31.43 PM.png

Construction Drawings:

The construction drawings (often referred to as blue prints) is the technical information required for the construction professionals to generate an accurate budget and conduct the work. 

This drawing set is also required by the local building officials as part of the plan review process in order to receive your construction permit. 

  • As-Built Drawings (What exists.)

  • Demolition Plan (Whats being removed.)

  • Foundation / Basement Plan

  • First Floor Plan

  • Second Floor Plan (If applies)

  • Roof Plan

  • (4) Exterior Elevations

  • Wall Section

  • Building Sections (If Applies)

Exterior Visualization

This is very helpful in determining the appropriate blend of materials and color of transformation.

Click here to visit the videos page for additional examples of exterior visualization. 

Interior Visualization

One of the final steps of the design process is a 3d tour of your home. This presentation helps our clients understand the size, geometry and relationship of spaces. A new home is a large investment, we want you to feel confident in the direction before construction begins.


Example: Farmhouse Transformation