Getting Started:

Step 1: We conduct a complimentary "get acquainted" meeting. At this time we ask a lot of questions. We listen to your goals. We share ideas. We do some concept sketching. We conclude by explaining how our process will work for you.

Step 2: The follow up to this meeting is a proposal summarizing your goals and our process to get you there. 

Step 3: If you accept, a letter of agreement is signed and we get you on our studio schedule for the design process.

Our Process: Meet, Design, Review, Refine...

Design Launch: Once the letter of agreement is signed, and your place on the schedule arrives, we conduct a design launch meeting. We request a focused 2 hour design session with you at our office to work through the major decision points in drafting a floor plan and establishing a direction for the exterior. You watch your design take shape in front of you. At this time we are also able to project a construction budget. 

Presentation One: The follow up the design launch meeting is a refined first draft usually the first floor plan and front elevation. You review the materials and share your feedback to make sure the design is progressing to your satisfaction.

Presentation Two: We immediately make any requested adjustments to the design and develop additional drawings bringing the design into greater focus. The updated drawing set is shared with you for a second review.  

Presentation Three - Final Review: The process repeats as we conduct any additional design refinement leading to the final review. Presentation three features the full technical drawing set and comprehensive 3d presentation crystallizing the design. 

Construction Drawings: The drawings are completed for construction. This information is used by the construction professionals for the bid process and to conduct the work. We are available for you and your construction team throughout if any additional information or assistance is needed.