A few kind words from some of our clients...

Our renovation is looking amazing!!!! Almost all the framing is done inside and I can really see it now and loving it.

Chris and I have said a million times how thankful we are that you designed the house for us. No way we could have done it without you. The plans are amazing and the contractor has not had an issue with them at all. ~ Diane
You do exceptional work! I love working with your prints, my clients are so happy with everything! Your little details make a huge difference in bringing a true custom home to life!
— Tony Buff - Maple Bluff Builders; Bowling Green, Ohio
Having you involved in the design process has been so helpful to us. I am glad I decided to work with you—worth every penny!
— Clint & Beka Patterson, North Baltimore Ohio.
The effort spent in the beginning pays off as we didn’t have many changes during construction. I really appreciate your efforts and assistance!
— Angie Schumaker; Glandorf, Ohio
We’re very happy with the way things turned out. For us, I think this will be the perfect home. We love the layout, the size of the rooms, the exterior character, the walkout basement, etc. It would have been impossible for us to get exactly what we wanted by purchasing pre-existing plans somewhere. The advantages of having a custom design that suited our needs was definitely worth the time and investment.
— Tim & Diane Puthoff, Findlay Ohio.
I love my house! And I tell everyone how using you really, really made it successful. For example - flipping the house so I could still have my sun room without any additional cost, figuring out if I had spots to put furniture such as piano, china cabinets (and realizing we wouldn’t of had until we added a dividing wall between dining room and living room to place the furniture), etc.

I was hoping I would like my house and location, but have been really happy to find out I love it!

Thank you for all your help!
— Jane Plescher; Ottoville, Ohio
The house is really coming together. The back is spectacular and an incredible improvement over the original design. Great job Jeff. Thanks,
— Scott Hapner, Findlay, Ohio
Everything looks good and we are very happy. You have a nice system to which you get to the final design.
I will definitely be recommending you to any customer of mine doing a future build.
— Greg Amstutz (Pandora Contracting LLC) Pandora, Ohio